The Best Online Casino Poker Variants to Play and Win in 2020

Online casino poker is perhaps still the most played category of table games. Before it migrated to the online platform, poker is still famous for its affiliation with pop-culture and how it is one of the best gambling game types in the market.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the best online casino poker variants for you to play this year.

Texas Hold ‘Em: The Best Way to Learn Online Casino Poker

Aside from being the most popular among the rest of the other variants, Texas Hold ’em is also the easiest to play. Even if you don’t have any background in any casino game, we’re still confident that you’ll learn this quickly within just hours of playing.

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If you practice long enough, let’s say for a month, you’ll unlock more advanced techniques of playing while also being able to control your gambling habit.

You’ll most likely encounter this because it is also the most broadcasted variant in mainstream television. Professionals and amateurs alike have found success when playing, making it more attractive to many gamblers.

The premise of this one is simple; the card dealer provides two cards to the players, called hole cards. The players must also place a bet for the game to commence and are called blinds.

Omaha HI: Popular Online Poker Strategy Game That Is Easy to Play

Omaha Hi is popular because of its pot-limit feature. It may not have the same recognition as Texas Hold ’em, but we can guarantee that it plays almost the same as the first one we discussed. In this variant, the dealer increases the cards in distribution and gives players four pieces instead of two.

Knowing that more cards are on the hand, making a good play is a lot easier, which is why most beginners choose this than Texas Hold ’em.

home page - The Best Online Casino Poker Variants to Play and Win in 2020

You might want to have alternatives and more options in online casino games because not all businesses are offering this variant to their customers. When you find one, however, we’re sure that you’ll have the best online gambling experience.

7-Card Stud: The Most Common Form of Poker You Can Casually Play

7-Card Stud is perfect for online casino poker goers who are only playing casually. It is also worth noting that the in-game rules are much easier to understand, especially compared to the games we tackled. However, its popularity is still not that high, but in no time, we’re confident that more people will pick it up.

To win, you must only create a poker hand that involves five good cards. When you’re just starting, we recommend that you only bet less, and gradually increase it as you learn along the way.

Online poker variants are still a lot, although these that we have covered are the best bunches for beginners and even veterans. We hope that you pick them up and have a try.